Studies Are Just Studies

These days more and more scientific studies are being performed and released.

Internet is giving us favor to access those scientific results. They spread much faster than ever before.

Some studies produce new insight, but many are born only to deny previous one.

What we thought was true, turns out to be not so accurate.

This lead me to a conclusion that studies are just studies.

They once told us that we only use 10% of our brain.

They once told us that there is a left-brain and a right-brain.

They once told us that eating MSG makes you stupid.

They once told us that IQ can measure your intelligence.

The list goes on…

I always feel nauseous about this whole concept of IQ test that can measure your intelligence. It just doesn’t sound right.

What I know is that if you’re a 10 year old kid with a brain of an 18 year old, that would result to a shocking 180 IQ score.

But when you’re 18, you took another test, and results with a brain of your current average peers, well, your IQ had just declined to a staggering 100.

Are you smarter? No.

Are you dumber? No.

I can even assure you that your score is subjective. If you take an IQ test A and IQ test B, or taking your test in the morning or at night, results will be varies.

IQ test oversimplifies your intelligence.

I strongly believe that determining intelligence is to measure the amount of neurons and neuronal connections, their locations, firing patterns and rates, and plasticities.

It ain’t that simple too though. It will and always be more complex than what we know now.

Always conceive with a grain of salt. Never believe wholeheartedly.

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