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Pokemon Bot App

A Pokemon illegal app that I designed for noob trainers. Is not intended for any gym battles.


Enables you to quickly jump around illegally with your Pokemon account only by entering your username, password, and coordinates on the web.

This app is no longer working nor maintained since a major update by Niantic.

I built it using React and Redux as the front-end layer, and Node.js as the backend.


Behind the scene

React turns out to be a really brilliant library. And Redux just made your life way easier by improving over Flux. These architecture design totally surpasses common MV* model.

In my opinion, although most people would say that React is more declarative than Angular (which I believe so too), but it seems that Angular massive codebase just makes it looks more vague in terms of how they actually build the framework. This puts Angular to an ‘abstract’ condition since I totally have no clue on how they build the framework (or probably just too lazy to find out).


Once you switch to React/Redux, you’ll never go back (to Angular).

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