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School Doesn't Guarantee An Education

I strongly believe in education. I believe that it doesn’t matter where you get it, how you get it, whom you get it from.

What matters is the amount and quality of education you have.

People thought that the only education they can have is those which thought in school. People forget that school is only one of a million way to gain education.

School itself is a very limited source of education. School is not for everyone, but education is.

I believe there’s a flaw in our current education system.

People tend to believe that score is somewhat their ultimate goal in an academic system. It judges how smart or dumb a person is.

Lots of brilliant people believe they were once idiot because they were labeled so. Turns out they were not. They’re just not interested, that’s all.

School forces unique people on a single system. A system which was designed in the industrial age as an effective model to produce workers. A factory line, I suppose.

People are different. People learn best differently. Some love to learn by themselves, and some love to collaborate. Some learn by experiencing, and some learn by reading books and sitting down quietly in classroom. Foremost, people have different interest.

God is fair. We’re born equal. We have the same potential as everybody does. Talent is a myth and totally overrated. How do one quantify talent? It’s silly. Anyone can be as smart/skilled as they want, but the question is whether they want to be on that level? The point is, everyone has equal potential. We just have to trigger the right switch.

School indeed teaches us how to think and solves problem. But why standardized test is still a huge part in the system? Why would one tries to solve a problem by sitting all by himself in a room, prohibited to collaborate with peers, not allowed to go check on references, discuss with people, because otherwise it would be considered as cheating.

This leads to the fact that school is not there to make you learn. It’s there to have you study. Studying, not learning. Eventually students are not there to gain education, but solely for a number ranges from 0 to 100.

I believe in education. I believe in school. But I don’t believe in the current education system.

Written by Ronaldo Vitto Lewerissa

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